The 116 000 Hotline is part of the International Child Abduction Centre / Nederlands


The 116000 Hotline is operated by the International Child Abduction Center (Center IKO). The Center IKO started her activities on the 1st of June 2006. The 116000 Hotline is open since the 1st of September 2008.

The staff

The Center IKO has 15 staff members. A part of them work in the office and a part are volunteers in the region. Four of them are legal advisors. The goal is to inform and advice parents, family members and professionals when a child has gone missing or has been abducted by a parent.
The volunteers in the region give support at the 116000 Hotline and they have the opportunity to visit a parent in the region.
The Center IKO has a statutory general manager, a secretary, a Supervisory Board and a Board of Advice.


The Center IKO is funded by the ministry of Security and Safety.
In 2012 the 116000 Hotline is funded by the European Commission by the Daphne programme.


The Center IKO collects the necessary data in order to provide a good advice. The data is not used for other purposes. The employees only register the data provided by you. Furthermore, notes and correspondence between you and the Center IKO are collected.

Some data are more delicate then other, for example religion or descent. These data are not registered, unless they are necessary for the advice. Of course you need to be sure that your privacy is protected and your data is not shared. For that purpose the Center IKO employs a data protection regulation. In this regulation you can read how the Center IKO deals with your data. This regulation is applied by the Center IKO and is applicable as long as it is in accordance with the Dutch Data Protection Act.

Download here the data protection regulation from the Center IKO

Download here the Dutch Data Protection Act


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